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The Kingdom – Worship as it is in Heaven

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  1. “Worship is not about us, our experience, our personal preferences, or our
    opinions. Often we see worship as being about us, what we want, and what
    pleases us. They seek to exalt, glorify, and please the one who reigns from the throne.
    Whether the worshiper enjoys or benefits from the experience is not the main
    thing. If we happen to feel uplifted by the worship that is an extra bonus.”

    Thank you so much for this exegetical message Alan. What a glorious truth! Everything is about God, for God and in God. Amen and amen. Thank you for grounding this message so solidly in the Word of God. It is encouraging because the Word of God is the final authority – so it confirms that they way that worship is described is the only form of true worship and that is all and the final word on it.


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